Research oriented – practical minded

Skunk Developments specialises in research oriented product development. We often deal with the latest scientific results or inventions that may change the way we are used to do things. Our approach is always pragmatic and hands on, which leads to a working prototype or system. We search for the fastest way to solve the core problem. In the next step we evaluate and prioritise the influenced components.

  • Skunk employees are industry-oriented physicists and electrical and software engineers with a long experience in turning research into revenue
  • Skunk has a research oriented mind set but is handy at solving practical problems
  • The outcome of a Skunk project is always something concrete
  • Proof-of-Concept is our priority No 1 – Prototype comes on the second place
  • Skunk has partners with whom commercialization and large series can be accomplished
  • Skunk knows small business problems and has low overhead costs

Skunk = Help when an idea needs to be converted to a business



  • Proof-of-Concepts
  • Prototypes and small series
  • Electronics design and PCB outsourcing
  • Controls: electrical, optical, mechanical, pneumatic, wireless
  • Software development, embedded, μControl and user interface
  • Optics and opto-mechanics
  • Sensors and measurement
  • Mechanical design, equipment design
  • Testing, usability and ergonomic factors
  • Literature studies
  • Project management services
  • Overall responsibility of the project
  • Large network and open innovation
  • Connections to both universities and industry

Skunk = Pragmatic, cost driven and working solutions